Honda Averto Alarm


My Version :

According to the installation instructions my model is from October 2011.

This is the remote I have:

When I talk about the left button I am talking about the bigger button as you can see in the screenshot. The Honda logo is upside down.

In contrast to what I have seen on webpages selling (the same ?) alarm mine does not have an immobilizer since my bike is already equipped with a HISS. It is simply an alarm.

Alarms :

  1. -Movement sensor will detect shock and movement (movement alarm)

  2. -Trigger input can be connected to a contact switch

  3. -Engine is started ( I’ll call it engine alarm from now on because I cannot think of a better expression for now)

Since I have not connected anything to the trigger input I have basically two alarms. One that goes off if the bike is moved and another one if my bike is started using the original keys. HISS should take care that it cannot be started without my original keys.

Set Alarm Mode:

If passive arming is enable this should actually read set movement alarm since the engine alarm is always set in passive mode. I still need to test what happens if I push the left button when passive arming is disabled. So, for the following instruction to work simply assume that passive arming is on.

  1. -description in Averto user manual is ok:

  2. -    arm alarm by pushing the left button

  3. -    turn signals come on for abt 3 seconds.

  4. -    indicator lamp will be on for abt 60 seconds before it starts to blink evenly (unless disturbed by movement)

Deactivate (Movement and Engine) Alarm Mode:

If passive arming is enabled this will actually disarm movement and engine alarm. If you do happen to have a trigger switch installed it should also deactivate the switch. I say should because that is what should happen but I cannot test it and who knows what the firmware thinks should be done.

  1. -description in Averto user manual is ok:

  2. -    push the left button if Honda Averto alarm is armed

  3. -    turn signals will come on for abt 1 second

  4. -    indicator lamp will go off


  1. -    movement sensor (or is it the engine alarm ?) will be armed again unless the motorbike is started within 60 seconds. Two incidents some time ago suggest that the movement sensor is armed again. Gotta test again, sigh ...

  2. -    if the alarm goes off some time after you started your engine and are about to drive away you will need to push the left button twice. If you push the left button only once the siren will be muted for a while but it starts to blast away again i.e. the movement sensor is still armed.

  3. -    according to the Honda Averto manual the alarm will rearmed. I could start the engine though and only movements (well if you drive you move) will trigger an alarm. Maybe I did not wait 60 seconds. Can’t test it all in one go.

Activate Maintenance Mode:

  1. -arm Averto alarm by pushing the left button

  2. -    turn signals will come on

  3. -    turn signals go off after about 3 seconds

  4. -press the right button until the turn signals come on again. This can take several seconds. Turn signals will be on for about 1 second

  5. -    the movement sensor and the alarm mode is now deactivated. Every time you start the engine the alarm will beep intermittently. I have not checked if it will continue (forever ?), enable alarm mode after a while or what will happen if the Honda Averto goes into sleep mode after 7 days.

Deactivate Maintenance Mode ( Version 1):

  1. -push left button

  2. -    Averto will now enter alarm mode

Deactivate Maintenance Mode (Version 2):

Why another mode ? I have no idea. After I had the bike in maintenance mode for 6.5 days it would not respond to a push of the left button on the remote control. Maybe it went from maintenance mode to sleep mode. Anyway, this is what I had to do in order to deactivate maintenance mode.

  1. -turn on ignition

  2. -alarm starts to beep intermittently

  3. -push left button

  4. -turn signals will come on for about one second

Passive Arming

Let’s say you’re on a trip and stop at a gas station. You turn off the ignition, remove the key and fill her up. After you spent some time you turn on the ignition and what you hear is the Averto beep, beep, beeping at you. To stop it

  1. -push the left button once

I have no idea what happens if you ignore it. Need to check it out at a lonely place.

By default passive arming is on i.e. whenever you turn off the engine (and remove the key ?) it will arm itself and go into engine alarm mode. The movement sensors are not armed !

Disable Passive Arming

Fed up fumbling for the fob which is somewhere deep inside a pocket somewhere underneath your rain gear every time you stop for a few minutes? Well, turn it off. The Honda averto manual won’t tell you how so I tried the procedure from a Cobra Spyball 6527 manual (Thanks Alan !) .

  1. -arm the alarm ( turn indicators and LED will come on)

  2. -before the turn signals turn off, turn on the ignition

  3. -     you should now hear a single beep

  4. -turn off the ignition

  5. -     you should hear another (longer) beep

Wait a minute a check whether the LED starts flashing. If not turn on the engine. Neither should you hear the alarm beeping nor should it go off.

Thinking about it, my dealer must have disabled it once. Well, he did not tell me but then I found it out anyway.

If passive arming is disabled the alarm will not go into sleep mode.

Enable Passive Arming

Simply push the left button.

Deactivate Movement Sensor:

  1. -Averto user manual says it is possible to deactivate the movement sensor in situations where the bike is on a ferry, a train or during a windy day. You would not really want to have the movement sensor activated.

  2. -So far, I have no idea how this can be achieved without entering maintenance mode. The drawback is that no alarm is set off even if someone steals your keys and drives happily away.

  3. -It seams that it does not arm itself automatically so the solution is simply not to arm it once you turned of the ignition.

    To be tested:

  1. -    there are some indications that it might be possible to deactivate the movement sensor by

  2. -        arm the alarm

  3. -        disarm the alarm

  4. -        turn on ignition within 60 seconds

  5. -        turn off ignition

According to the manual (spread out over 3 different pages) you should arm the alarm and then push the right button while the turn signal is still on. A beep confirms that it is deactivated. The manual from an older Honda averto says “press” which may indicate to “push” the button a little bit longer than you would

Well, it does not seem to work for me. In most cases there will be no confirmation beep and it will go through its normal arming procedure. I got fed up trying for now until I find some more time to kill time again ...

Sleep Mode:

  1. -Sleep Mode is entered if the alarm has not gone off within 7 days

  2. -In contrast to what the Honda Averto user manual tells you the bloody alarm goes off as soon as you turn on the ignition. No beep beep beep to warn you and give you time to deactivate the damn thing. You get the whole package.

  3. -have the remote ready and press the left button immediately

  4. -    this seems to silence the siren only so it will go off again after a while so you need to press the left button twice

  5. -In my case it did not help to press the left button first and then turn on the ignition.

  6. -    maybe it helps to immediately turn the ignition off again and then use the remote control to disarm the alarm. Might be not as much of a nuisance for the neighbors but I do not know yet if it works.

  7. -I have no idea what happens if your remote has to be synchronized first. The alarm will probably blast away until the remote control and the Honda Averto is synchronized again.

Synchronize Remote Control and Honda Averto:

  1. -works as described

  2. -press the left button for a while until the indicator lamps come on

Unclear Mode 1:

  1. -arm alarm

  2. -disarm alarm

  3. -    according to Honda Averto Alarm manual it will rearm itself but why is the indicator lamp not blinking?

Unclear Mode 2:

  1. -disarm alarm

  2. -start engine, take a tour, stop by the gas station, whatever

  3. -shut off engine and remove key

  4. -start engine

  5. -    my system starts to beep. What does it want to tell me?

  6. -    To be sure, before I leave the gas station I arm then disarm the alarm. Pretty awkward.

Similar Alarms:

The Honda averto seems to be a rebranded (and modified) Spyball alarm. The Cobra Spyball 6527 is probably the closest model. Credits go to Alan who found the manual on the web. Since Honda modified the firmware it is not 100% compatible but in my opinion the manual is a lot more legible than what I got.

Gimme A Shout:

  1. -A lot of things are still missing. I’d like to add them here to help me and others so gimme a shout at avertomanual(at)



         My Honda Averto User Manual

Well, how do I put it?

OK. I’ll be honest.

A while ago I bought a new Honda motorcycle. So far so good.

I also got an alarm. Figured if I get one branded Honda I would have no problems.

The good thing is: the alarm works.

The bad thing is: the manual does not fit the alarm. Well, maybe it is the other way round.

Did I mention that my neighbors just love my siren? You really get to meet a lot a new folks that way.

Anyway, after a while I found out that the Honda Averto is a rebranded Spyball alarm system. Unfortunately their user manual does not fit the Honda Averto alarm either.

Now, before that thing is driving me mad I thought I’ll try and create a web manual containing the things I found out. Gimme a shout if something is missing. I know there is still a lot missing. Can’t test it all. You know the neighbors ... I’ll happily document it here.